Homeshift Complaints Procedure

Something not right? We're sorry to hear that and we really want to sort it out.

We will do all we can to resolve your complaint quickly by investigating what went wrong, fixing it and explaining to you the issue clearly.

Our aim is to get to a mutually acceptable solution and to do this within 5 working days. If we cannot find a mutually acceptable solution, we will write to you to explain our position and our best suggestion.

Step One: Get in touch

Please call the Homeshift Energy team on 0203 002 7703. Our office hours are 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday; if it is outside these times please email, or if you prefer, you can write to us: Homeshift, 86-90 Paul Street, London EC2A 4NE. If you email or write, please give us your contact details as well as the background information on the issue – as we may have to contact you in order to get more information in order to resolve it.

If you contact us on the phone, we will want to understand all of the context of the issue and work to resolve the concern there and then on the phone. Some issues are complex. If we cannot resolve it right away, then we will give you the name of the dedicated person responsible for resolving it.

Step Two: If you need to make a formal complaint

If you are not happy that the problem is resolved and need to make this a formal complaint, then please email our complaints team on with your account number, contact details (including address) and the background to the problem.

We will do everything within our powers to resolve your issue. If we cannot find a mutually acceptable solution, we will write to you to explain our position and our best offer – this is known as a deadlock letter.

Independent Advice

If you need independent advice at any time, you can contact Citizens Advice by phone 03454 040506 or via their website; their service is free, independent and confidential.

Step Three: If you need to go beyond Homeshift Energy

In the event of you not wanting to accept the suggestion in the deadlock letter, or the issue has dragged on for more than eight weeks, then you can refer the issue to the Energy Ombudsman.

This involves contacting the Energy Ombudsman by phone on 0330 440 1624, by email or through their website or you can write to them at Ombudsman Service: Energy, PO Box 966, Warrington, WA4 9DF.

It is a free and independent service and they will undertake a full review of your concerns and of the actions that Homeshift Energy took in order to try to get to a resolution. If the Ombudsman finds that Homeshift Energy have not acted correctly, then they will tell us what we are required to do in order to put things right.

This can include an explanation and/or an apology. It can also include actions that we have to take, which may include compensation. Their decision is binding on us, but not on you.

If we have resolved your complaint to your satisfaction

We are pleased to have helped. It’s not always easy but it’s the most important thing we can do. Thank you for your patience and your custom.